How can I meet my better self?

Spiritual rituals will always help you keep your energy clean and powerful as well as support you on your quest. But fundamentally, the more you get into the lifestyle, the easier life is to handle. Here are a few other things you can to help your spiritual awakening and better yourself:


Dig deep to figure out who you really are

What truly makes you happy? Be really honest with yourself and imagine exactly the life you want, with as many details as possible. Follow your passion and try to practice on a daily basis things that makes your soul smile.

As for those things in your life you're not crazy about, if you can't change them, try to see them as stepping stones to get to your destination. 


Follow your intuition 

Trust your gut. Try to notice everything around you, open yourself up to messages from the universe and recognize those that resonate with you. This is kind of like learning a new language - the more you learn the more obvious it gets.

A few examples: 

  • seeing feathers
  • numbers sequences
  • 'coincidences' are happening all the time
  • the same message reaches you over and over again (via songs, posts you read, conversations, articles)


Use life challenges as opportunities for growth 

Allow your heart to expand when things don't go your way. This may simply be the universe guiding you in a different direction because it's what's best for you. 

Honestly, this is the hardest practice for me (some people are REALLY good at this). It involves a lot of trust and the ability to go with the flow, which is hard for control freaks like me. ;)

One thing that has helped me a lot is creating space between whatever triggered me and my reaction. Once I feel angry, I take a deep breath and try to understand why it angered me. 


Awareness is key to spiritual growth as it makes you present and helps you set your intention to pretty much everything you do. 


Be grateful for everything 

In order to have the life you want, you must love the life you have. 

Find things to be thankful for every day: your best friend or partner, having a house to sleep in, being able to feed yourself and your family, the love your pet gives you, having a job, challenges that made you better, difficult situations that taught you so much... No matter how hard your life is, there are always positives as well. Make sure you notice them. 

And if you life is all peaches, be extra, super, uber thankful and voice your appreciation as much as possible. The universe will love to hear it. 


Care for your body AND your mind

Eat well, meditate, take deep breaths and move your body.

If you are new to meditation, it can be challenging to quiet your mind. Be kind to yourself and try to avoid feeling frustrated. Start with guided mediation - loving kindness is my favorite type.

I personally don't eat animals because I truly want to be kind to all living things. But if you do, no worries at all. I'd invite you to perhaps try vegan alternatives whenever makes sense to you and your family. It's like they say: we don't need a handful of people doing it perfectly, we need a million of people at least trying their best.




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