8 Days of Self Discovery Series

This series was designed to help you understand the energetic role your chakras play in your life, how to identify if they are in or out of balance and how to heal them. 

Every day we have a little chat / intro to give you some context, we meditate together, I pose some questions and I suggest a little homework. The questions were created for you to develop a higher level of conscious and get to know yourself deeply. There are no right or wrong answers as the intention is to get you to explore what comes up. Simply reflect on them with an open and honest mind.

While this content is free and created to help out as many people as possible, if you enjoyed it and would like to make a donation, my Venmo handle is @ camiuchoaany amount is highly appreciated.

If you are up for this, watch one video per day (around 25 minutes) for 8 days. The cool thing is: all videos are available right here, so you get to watch them whenever works best for you. I hope you enjoy this as much as I love creating it.

And as always, if you have any questions please reach out! Let’s get these chakras balanced and start your healing process. 💓💓💓


Day 1

Series intro + full chakra cleanse meditation & reflective questions



Day 2

Root chakra intro + meditation & reflective questions



 Day 3

Sacral chakra intro + meditation & reflective questions


Day 4

Solar Plexus chakra intro + meditation & reflective questions



Day 5

Heart chakra intro + meditation & reflective questions



Day 6

Throat chakra intro + meditation & reflective questions



Day 7

Third eye chakra intro + meditation & reflective questions 



Day 8

Crown chakra intro + meditation & reflective questions


Congratulations! You made it, you beautiful soul you! Hopefully you feel more empowered and able to, not only identify chakras that out of balance, but also bring them back to health. Living a more conscious life and making mindful decisions is extremely important to reclaim your power and maintain a gorgeous energy flow.


Remember: happy chakras, happy life! 


If you have any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to reach out. xo