Spiritual Ritual How-To

Before we get started, I want to make sure we are clear on something: this is not a salt bath. While some may choose to soak in it (you do you, boo!), the traditional ritual is a bit different and does not require a bath tub. 

Check out our video to get the step-by-step or read them below.



1. Set your intention

Articulate what you are hoping to get out of this experience and straight up ask the Universe for exactly what you want.

Protect ritual suggestion: ask for guidance to deepen your spirituality; protection against jealousy and negative vibes; strength to handle all challenges; and request that any unwanted energy be removed and carried away.

Love ritual examples: ask for guidance to remain open and to let your heart expand in all situations; wisdom to give yourself the compassion and kindness you deserve; courage to welcome love into your life; and request that any unwanted energy be removed and carried away.

Calm ritual suggestion: ask for inner peace and stress release; balance to see things for what they are; clarity to access your intuition; and request that any unwanted energy be removed and carried away.

Manifest ritual examples: invite abundance into your life; ask for your power to be released so you can make your dreams to come true; guidance to attract only what's meant for your highest good; and request that any unwanted energy be removed and carried away.


2. Prepare your ritual

Pour the package contents into a pot with 500 ml of water and boil for about 20-25 min. Take this opportunity to focus on your intentions and start manifesting what you want.

You may end up with a salty mush, but don't worry. Just turn the element off and add about 2 liters of cold water into the pot. Adjust temperature and MAKE SURE WATER IS LUKEWARM BEFORE USING (careful not to burn yourself!). Add as much water as you like, don't be precious about it. 

Pro tip: we love the spices and herbs touching our bodies and don't mind cleaning up afterwards. However, if you feel like that would ruin the vibe, feel free to strain the mixture - with a coffee filter or strainer. It works beautifully either way.


3. Take your regular shower 

Pretty straightforward step. ;)  

Pro tip 2: all ingredients are drain safe and won't damage your pipes. However if you want to avoid clogging issues, block the larger pieces from going down with a net or a drain protector. 

4. Experience the ritual

Once you finish your regular shower, turn off the water. Start visualizing your goal exactly the way you want, paying great attention to the details.

Grab the pot with the mixture + water and pour the the whole thing over your body from your neck down (this is to prevent salty water from getting into your eyes and causing any discomfort). 

Important: as it all travels down into the drain, picture all the negativity and heavy energy being carried away while you stay light, centered and sure of yourself.


5. Don't shower again!

Sure, rinse off if you feel like it, but don't use soap and shower all over again. Dry yourself with a towel and see how you feel. 

  • Use only as directed. 
  • Discontinue use if rash, redness or itching occurs and consult a doctor if irritation persists.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.