Services We Offer


Cami designs meditations to cater specifically to whatever you are trying to achieve: reflection, chakra cleanse, relaxation, energy work, etc. Individual or group sessions are available.

Cost: $65 for 30 min / $110 for 60 min. Email to book an appointment. 

Free meditations here:



Reiki Sessions 

Reiki is a healing technique where the practitioner channels energy into the recipient to activate the natural healing processes of one's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

As a Reiki Master, Cami can help balance the energy centers in your body to allow for a free flow of energy.  

Cost: $100 (sessions are around 50 min). Email to book an appointment.

The Reiki Principles

Just for today:

I will not worry.

I will not be angry.

I will do my work honestly.

I will be grateful.

I will be kind to all living things. 


The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Card Reading 

Kris Krans's powerful animal archetypes offer insight into relationships, personalities, behaviors and tendencies. Ideal for finding clarity, getting guidance on unresolved conflict or simply receiving a message from the Universe. 

Cost: $65 for 30 min / $110 for 60 min. Email to book an appointment.


All sessions can be done virtually. Please get in touch to learn more or book an appointment.