Fundraiser Candle
Fundraiser Candle
Fundraiser Candle
Fundraiser Candle
Fundraiser Candle
Fundraiser Candle

Fundraiser Candle

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You may or many not know this, but, Lucy + Kaya was born out of a deep desire to do more - more for the planet, for humans, for myself, for dogs and all beings. After running a small but successful fundraiser for a very dear friend, we realized we can do more to help out and be even more true to our mission.

We have always donated a portion of all our sales to dog rescues. And now we're launching a special line of candles dedicated to helping these incredible organizations even more, as 100% of the profits will be donated to them. We will keep this fun and pick a different scent for each organization. 

These candles will carry the intention of doing good and feeling good. It's like that Oprah live audience situation when she would ask people to look under their seats: "You get to feel good! You get to feel good! We all get to feel good!". Seriously, though, it's a win-win situation. Get a great candle, help a rescue, and all of us will feel amazing!

The rescue of the month is Deity Animal Rescue!

Check them out on Instagram. And feel free to donate directly to them, if you prefer!

Ps: this is also a very crafty way to bring my two passions (spirituality and animals) together. Sneaky, I know, but for the greater good. ;)

Candles highlights

  • luxurious vegan wax (toxin free, paraben free, phthalate free and comes from renewable sources)
  • wooden wick
  • special brand-new larger tin
  • treated with Reiki and handmade with so much love
  • burn time: approximately 50h (around 9 oz)


Feel Good  

Lavender buds + cotton (available in Black, White and Gold tin) 

Sophisticated, clean and fresh, this scent beautifully balances peony, musk, lavender and bergamot notes. Long time friends of Lucy + Kaya, remember the Be Merry candle from last year? This is it! If you know, you know.  ;)

Tips & Warnings 

  • Trim your wick to 3/16”-1/4” before lighting. If the wick is too long, it may extinguish.
  • Allow the candle to get a full melt pool (all the way to the edges of the container) each time you burn the candle (typically 1-2 hours) this is especially important during the first time you burn it. This prevent the candle from tunneling and ensures the candle burns evenly and you get the most from your candle.
  • If you notice your flame getting too low after burning for a few hours, you may need to extinguish the flame and remove any excess ash or burnt wood along the top of the wick. The flame will return to its proper height.
  • Do not burn any candle for longer than 4 hours at a time.
  • Follow all candle safety guidelines.


Return Policy

We do not accept returns nor exchanges on our products unless there is a fault with the item within the first 14 days.