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Moon Mist
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Moon Mist
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Moon Mist

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If you haven't heard of Moon water, you're in for a treat. So buckle up, fam, it's story time. 

Water is an element known to absorb and retain energy like nothing else in nature. Spiritual ceremonies leverage this concept and bless water with the purest intention to create holy water.  

Full Moons, on the other hand, represent balance as the Sun, Earth and Moon are in  alignment; and enlightenment as the Moon shines at its brightest and fullest.

Spiritually speaking, it's the ideal time to dig deep and bring to light the shadows we've been avoiding. Since this is no easy task, the energy offered by the Moon is very supportive, clean, fresh and powerful. 

Since we know the Moon is connected to water (think of the ocean tides), why wouldn't we kindly and ceremoniously ask the Full Moon to bless / supercharge our water so we can bottle this magical energy and access it at any time? Oh, you haven't done that?  No worries, I got you, boo!  And as if that wasn't enough, I took it to the next level by adding essential oils, carefully selected, to help you achieve your specific goals and to make your environment smell A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. 

Usage suggestions - spray around yourself or around the room; use it before you perform a ritual, ceremony or pull cards, or to cleanse your crystals (make sure to only use on water safe crystals). After your spray, always set your intention.

Ingredients - moon water, witch hazel, alcohol, 100% pure essential oils, Reiki treated &  full of good intentions.

Size: 2 oz


Here's a little more info about each mist and how they smell. 


rose + cedarwood

Hard to say which is better: the gorgeous pink color achieved by infusing witch hazel with hibiscus or the sweet flowery scent that will wrap any environment in love, light and kindness.  

Essential oils:  rose, cedarwood, orange, jasmine and *geranium.



cinnamon + citrus 

All the hot spices come out to play! This mighty bottle packs a punch when it comes to manifestation. Remember: sometimes what we want is not always what we need, so make space for the Universe's wisdom. May all your dreams come true as long as they are for your highest good.

Essential oils: *grapefruit, *bergamot (bergapten free), orange and cinnamon.



rosemary + eucalyptus

This scent will make you feel like you went for a walk in nature on a rainy day. It truly doesn't get any crisper than a combo involving so many energizing nature elements. Set your intention, spray and watch your vibe raise to a new high. 

Essential oils: *eucalyptus, *bergamot (bergapten free), *rosemary, *sage.



lavender + frankincense

Perfect for those ready to literally and figuratively slow down a bit to smell the flowers. The gentle friendship between lavender and frankincense, combined with the purifying power of Anil, will create the ideal environment for relaxation and grounding. Spray in your bedroom for a restful night's sleep or anywhere to cool the vibes.

Essential oils: lavender, *vetiver, *frankincense, patchouli.

*certified organic  


Tips & Warnings 

  • For external use only. 
  • Direct contact with eyes or mucous membranes may cause serious irritation and harmful effects.
  • If you are prone to allergies, do a patch test in a small area before spraying all over you. 


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