About Us

About the brand
Lucy + Kaya was born out of a deep desire to do more. More for the planet, for humans, for myself and all beings. 
Lucy, my late grandma who means the world to me, started me on a spiritual path when I was really young. As an adult, I realized the deeper I went into this journey, the more guidance from the universe I received and the easier and more fulfilling life became. 
Lucy + Cami :)

I realized spirituality, with its beautiful traditions and rituals, is not as common in North America as it is in my culture. So I decided to share the knowledge passed on to me and hopefully inspire as many people as possible to initiate or deepen their spiritual healing journey. The spiritual rituals were our first product ever. 
'Banhos de descarrego' use coarse salt to take away unwanted energy, and one of our carefully crafted combinations of herbs, spices and/or flowers help you achieve your goal.  
These spiritual rituals have helped me stay grounded, connected to myself and my intuition throughout my whole life. 
As we grew, I wanted to provide different healing tools that honor other natural elements such as candles (fire), moon sprays (air) and foot soaks (earth) for grounding and being present.
My goal is to deliver you a positive, loving and delightful experience. And to clearly set my intention, I treat all products with Reiki energy for your highest good.
Story behind our name
Lucy means “light” and honors my grandmother’s knowledge and the intuition she gave me to start this business.
Kaya means “sea”, representing mother nature and honoring Yemanja - the mother of the ocean.
Lucy + Kaya is where spiritual power and nature's power meet in order to deliver light, love and energy restoring experiences.

Our values & mission
It was very important to me to create a business that aligns closely to my personal values. So I defined strong pillars that will keep us on track and help us make the best decisions, without losing sight of the beautiful vision we have.
I want Lucy + Kaya, today and always, to be:
Transparent - we will always be open and honest. We will listen to what you have to say and learn. We will own up to our mistakes and do better.
Real - we are all about positivity, but let’s not pretend we don’t have bad days and lose it a little here and there.
Good Intentions - we want to spread love, good intentions and positively impact as many lives as possible.
Sustainable & Conscious - we want to be as eco-friendly as possible and have minimal impact on nature. We are super proud to say we are working with Elevate Packaging, who make recycled, compostable, and recycle-friendly labels and bags. 
Lucy + Kaya's mission is to figure out how much good we can do in the world.
We'll start by making a donation for every product sold to a local rescue - you will get to help us pick which one every month. And in the future, I really hope we can do so much more to help as many beings (humans and non-humans) as possible.
Thank you for reading and get in touch if you have questions!